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This is a page that acts as a sort of storage space for all the stuff I do with this game. Much thanks to Artemis251, who helped with the save data and has good (in-game) maps of the two underworlds.


Save Files

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Save data output: Uses a fairly recent LA:DX save and outputs the information in it as we understand it. Last updated with new information 04/19/2020.

Also included are maps showing room flags, which will be better understood eventually.

ROM Table Overlays

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Chest mapping: Reads from a table in ROM and overlays it onto a map of Koholint, showing what each screen will have in a chest. Also available in Underworld 1 and Underworld 2 flavors.

Tileset: Overlays the tileset data for each 2x2 room set onto a map. Tilesets start at 1A and continue to 3E, with 0F meaning "keep current".


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Parsed map: Latest map generated by my own room layout parser. Lots of things still aren't understood. Last updated 10/08/2010.

A few other maps may be coming eventually, provided the parser progresses.


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Room animations: Shows a room being created in the order of the ROM's objects. Some are fairly interesting.

Chest screens: Page showing screenshots of rooms that have chest data, but no chest; also included is a screenshot of opening a chest that was hacked into the room layout. Doesn't show all of the unused chests, but that might change. Last updated 07/06/2018.

Last update: 07/06/2018
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